What makes Breeze different....?

Wherever possible we use sustainable materials and are proud of the many locally produced materials which make up our packaging.

Compare performance - We welcome any comparison with other fragrance products no matter what their cost. Right the way through from initial testing to finished product, nothing but care and attention is paid to each item. We consistently receive positive feedback from customers who can’t believe the strength of fragrance, the quality of the burn, and the overall beauty of our products. Try them for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

"Your candles are amazing, nothing else even touches the quality and fragrance."

Please take the time to read the detail below which explains the secret behind the Breeze success and what makes us different to mass produced brands, including some of the best known names in the fragrance arena.

Quality Control - We only use the finest quality fragrance oils, wax and other materials. Our fragrance content levels ensure a strong, consistent aroma, and our wax is specifically designed for container use for great performance. Once poured and set, each of our products is carefully inspected for imperfections, and only when we are satisfied that it passes our stringent standards, do we continue to the next stage. This involves hand labelling, packaging and finishing each item, before it is once again inspected prior to being added to our stock inventory or dispatched direct to the customer.

Appearance is a key aspect of our entire range. We recognise the importance of a beautiful product as well as one that performs and smells great. We’re extremely proud that our products get to be placed in your home, and as such, their appearance needs to compliment your home too. Likewise, if you choose one of our products as a gift, we want to ensure the appearance as well as the content make the recipient feel super special.

"Loving the new packaging, so lovely, and very classy!"

The science - Before any new product is included in our range, there is a huge amount of testing that takes place. Candle making, if done correctly, requires a lot of analysis of performance before the best product can be produced. Variations in container, fragrance, colour, every component, has a knock on effect on how the candle will burn. We pride ourselves in producing candles that burn as cleanly as possible, with the minimum wastage, but maximum burn time possible. Getting that right is no easy task, and we insist testing is carried out on each and every product variable.  We also issue guidance with all of our candle jars, which highlight how to burn your candle correctly, to ensure optimum performance.  One of the most common themes in the feedback from our customers is that our candles burn better than any other candle they have had.

"We welcome any comparison with other fragrance products no matter what their cost."


"Candle making, if done correctly, requires a lot of analysis of performance before the best product can be produced."


"All of our products have been tested and carry correct labelling in line with European legislation."



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