A 100ml labelled glass bottle of fragrance oil. Ready for you to switch over your previous silver bottle cap (should you so wish). For best results, we recommend a new set of black fibre reeds to replace the old ones, in order to achieve the best fragrance throw.


When researching diffuser refills, we looked at a number of options. We wanted to reduce packaging waste. And we also wanted our repeat customers to get the best value without paying for unnecessary packaging. To achieve this by offering the refill in a plastic bottle, as is offered by so many companies, didn't sit well, in terms of the plastic waste this created. This option would have also been more costly for the customer. So, we decided to strip our existing diffuser package down to the bare bones, keeping the oil in it's glass bottle, but taking away the cap, the three legs charm and the packaging tube and label. By doing so, we are able to offer a considerable discount from the RRP of a fully packaged reed diffuser, and keep waste to a minimum. 

Reed Diffuser REFILL - Nero Range