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Breeze Candles

Luxury Candles and Diffusers


Quality. Luxury. Performance.

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The Breeze Difference

We only use the finest quality fragrance oils, wax and other materials in a Breeze product. Appearance is a key aspect of our entire range, and we recognise the importance of a beautiful finish, but it will never come at the expense of the quality and performance expected of all our products.


What makes our products different is their performance. Without effort and rigorous testing, even the prettiest products, made of the best materials, won't necessarily deliver. Put simply, our products look great, and perform even better. Try them out for yourself.

But you've heard all that before........

"Your candles are amazing, nothing else even touches the quality and fragrance."

'Candle making, if done correctly, requires a lot of analysis of performance before the best product can be produced.'

'We welcome any comparison with other fragrance products no matter what their cost.'

'We recognise the importance of a beautiful product as well as one that delivers great performance'


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